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The Value of a Lunch Meeting

Jul 13, 2015

Category: Ohio Northern University

Over six weeks into my internship I have had a really good experience. I have done every test in the substantive section at least once and in many cases multiple times, and am currently in the process of completing the whole audit binder by myself. Cohen also has a very welcoming atmosphere, everybody has been very nice both with work and socially. They are sure to answer all of my questions and help me out as much as possible in addition to inviting me out to lunch or Starbucks almost every day. Another thing that I really like is how “flat” the organization is. Even though I am just an intern, last week I sat down and had lunch with two partners. Part of our internship requirements is our welcoming committee management team matrix which contains three groups (partners, senior managers, and managers) that we need to ask out to lunch. We must pick at least one person from each group though we are encouraged to choose more. I have not been out with anybody for the matrix yet due to busy schedules but I have several people lined up in the coming weeks.

Last Friday the interns went to the (i)Cleveland Intern day event at which we learned about the community, explored nearby neighborhoods, spoke with influential people in the community, and went on a scavenger hunt. I had lunch with Natalie, the president and CEO of Providence House, a nonprofit organization that helps out families in which the children are at risk in some form or another. Being an Ada Friends Big, I am very interested in volunteering here and plan to follow up with Natalie.