Intern Blog

Welcoming Environment Given Remote Circumstances

Feb 10, 2021

Given the circumstances of Covid-19 and most of the country working remotely, I was nervous about starting a brand-new internship during this time. I have never had a “real” professional job before in an office setting, only waitressed tables for the past five years. I know the restaurant business in and out, but I am attending Stevenson University for accounting and wanted a way to get into the public accounting world. I wanted to use this internship as a steppingstone to start a career in public accounting specifically in tax. During my interview process, I noticed how welcoming and informative the Cohen team truly is. I asked my interviewer, a senior staff member, “What is your favorite part about working for Cohen & Company?” she smiled and said, “the amazing people surrounding me on our team”. From that moment on I realized how much each team member matters and will be heard, respected, supported, and valued. I see a 1-on-1 level of true appreciation for each staff member, to intern, to clients.

I was anxious about starting remotely because I wanted to learn as much as possible while building relationships to help me learn and grow throughout the internship process. During the first week of training, I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight into the different systems as well as preparing and completing a tax return. Every team member at Cohen & Company reiterated their willingness to answer any question. They were patient throughout the training process and always encouraged us to ask questions. They reiterated that they have been in our shoes before and most staff members at Cohen started off in the internship program. This ultimately made me feel very welcomed and I realized there was nothing to be nervous or anxious about. Even over a screen, each staff and manager assured us that they truly cared about our development and they were more than willing to get on a video call to help or walk us through any problem that may have come up. Identifying a problem and asking questions ultimately helped me grow and learn/achieve so much information I would have never known if I did not ask.

Learning how to do a mock return helped me gain the confidence I needed with real clients and work to come following training. My time thus far has been incredibly informative and a learning experience. It is now the fifth week of my internship and I am gaining confidence and have experienced a tremendous amount of knowledge from multiple staff members and managers. Sitting in on meetings throughout the past few weeks has been very informative and beneficial to learn about the firm and the public accounting world. Cohen is truly culture orientated, even during some of the busiest months out of the year for accountants. I know this experience is going to fly by during the busy tax season, and I will be sure not to take it for granted. I am truly excited for the months to follow and all the opportunities to learn and grow as a tax intern at Cohen & Company.