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Work Hard, Ask Questions, Have Fun

Mar 31, 2018

Category: Eastern Michigan University

As I am approaching the end of busy season, it is crazy to look back at what has been accomplished, what I have learned, and the friends that I have made. If you ever have the opportunity to do an internship, I say do it. The amount of information you will be exposed to and the things you will learn in such a sort amount of time is incredible. However, when that amount of information comes pouring in, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, of course try to figure out the answer for yourself first. Everyone is more than willing to help if you apply yourself first.

My internship with Cohen & Company was more than just numbers and tax returns. I was able to make friends and enjoy coming in every day. There is a stereotype about accountants (you know what it is) and I was nervous that the internship wouldn’t be fun, or everyone would be really serious all of the time. I have found that the stereotype is not true. I worked with a great group of people who are smart and know how to work hard, but also enjoy relaxing or going to a game together. It is very important to find this balance, or you might go crazy looking at numbers for weeks on end. But it is busy season, and it is just as hectic as everyone says it is. The biggest key, in my opinion, is to stay organized. If you can stay on top of what is needed for each client and keep track of when you receive the work for a quick turnaround, all should work out in the end.

An internship is only as valuable as what you put into it. You might be able to skate by doing the minimum and just doing what you are told, but you won’t gain as much as I did from the experience. Work hard, ask questions, be curious, and most importantly have fun, and your time as an intern will be invaluable.