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Working with Confidence as an Intern

Jun 28, 2019

Category: Case Western Reserve University

As interns, we are constantly performing audit procedures we have never done before, meeting new people and clients, and making mistakes as we go. It is a natural mental response to have some doubt about your ability to perform and fit into a new environment but it takes a lot of self-awareness to be able to overcome that doubt and have confidence in yourself and your work.

Confidence is our secret to being successful, although hardly a secret. Our CEO, Randy Myeroff, spoke to us on our first day as interns about the need for ‘swagger.’ Having confidence in yourself and your work will give you and your colleagues swagger because you know what you’re doing and you know you’re doing it better than others. It is this swagger that drives competition and leads to further and more tangible success such as the growth we have experienced as a firm.

Thankfully, Cohen & Company has created a work environment where we feel comfortable enough to be ourselves and have natural confidence. It is a lot easier to be confident around your friends, and we certainly have a lot of those at Cohen & Company. Happy hours, lunches, collaboration, and mutual respect for each other all fuel the confidence we have individually and as a firm.

Compare two things: Letting others change the way you think, and the regret from wondering what you could have accomplished if you would have had the confidence to know you were right.

Life may place you in a position that makes you seem like you are outnumbered, or your doubt may cast a shadow on your confidence. It is growth and personal development that come from having the ability to see past opposition and to clear water.

If somebody was going to review the way you act or your work, you should not have to go back and change it because you should have done it right the first time. There are firms that tower us in size but do not have the confidence to do the work correctly the first time. Here at Cohen & Company, we work hard, but also relax and know that our confidence will lead to great success.