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Working With a Diverse Engagement Team

Jun 26, 2015

Category: Ohio University

I spent most of this week at a client for an employee benefit plan. I did not know much about the client prior to the audit, besides that they made shoe insoles. When we arrived we were immediately taken on a plant tour (pictured) and given the history of the company. It was very interesting to be able to be able to see products that we use every day being manufactured right in front of us. The client was beyond helpful during our audit as well. Before interning with Cohen I would hear horror stories about clients not respecting auditors and not providing any of the information requested. So far I have not experienced that at all and full credit has to go to Cohen for creating strong relationships with their clients. The client was very helpful in providing the information needed so we were able to end fieldwork after two days instead of three.

I also worked with a diverse engagement team. I worked alongside of two first years, a staff who has been with Cohen for a few years and a manager who has been part of Cohen for 15 years. This was very beneficial because they all had different insight on the client and the field of accounting. The entire team tried to help me out as much as possible and did not get tired with all of my questions to help me gain knowledge on the accounting tasks that I was performing. The entire audit process was very enjoyable and was very helpful on seeing audit processes.