Cohen University

Our mission at Cohen University is more opportunity. Through our College of Technical Advancement and College of Business Excellence, we offer the following learning opportunities.

Transitional Learning

We provide a variety of technical trainings, including areas such as engagement planning, equity and income statements, tax returns and financial statements. But we also offer Cohen 101, a series that introduces basic business concepts to help employees succeed. Sessions include topics such as how to receive feedback, networking skills, client service and teamwork/personal development.

Ongoing Trainings

We are fortunate to have some of the brightest people in the industry on our staff and look to our firm's specialists to assist in training. Our professionals lead weekly tax department brainstorming sessions; interactive department meetings and trainings throughout the year. Our off-site, three-day fall training includes technical, business and personal development topics.

Specialized Individual Training

Building on a solid foundation, we offer individualized training and career tracks, which consist of technical, client service and business development focus areas. Employees have the opportunity to obtain certifications such as a CFE, CMA, CFP or complete graduate coursework directly related to a specific interest. Additionally, our Intro. to Leadership series helps staff prepare for management-level responsibilities. Sessions cover areas such as emotional intelligence, giving feedback, delegation, teaching, compensation/firm communications and client service.

Management Training & Beyond

New managers take our Leadership Foundations series, which closely examines issues related to the firm, the accounting industry and business leadership skills. Current members of our management team present on relevant topics, such as defining the role of manager and leadership versus management. To continue cultivating the firm’s next generation of leaders, the most senior levels of the firm can apply for the Cohen Institute of Leadership, a five-year commitment that takes participants “behind the curtain” to understand more fully how the firm operates and identify ways in which they can contribute.