Working at Our Firm

We are extremely proud of the award-winning work environment we have created at Cohen & Company. Here are a few of the many reasons why our professionals choose us, and choose to stay with us.

Top Performer Culture

Work with the best of the best in your field — and become one of them! Our firm is led by motivated professionals who lead and motivate others to become great. We hire top performers who excel in five key areas: academic achievement (“A” students who can also think under pressure); leadership ability (future partners with a record of leadership in various activities); citizenship (community involvement, high ethical standards and strong personal character); dedication and passion (employees ambitious and passionate about their career); and personality and sensitivity (friendly people who work together to make work more enjoyable.)

Training, Mentoring & Collaboration

Our collaborative environment encourages professionals to teach and share information throughout the firm. From an accessible executive management team to your own “learning buddy” to help navigate the first few months, we encourage ideas, questions and collaboration at every level. We also use specialized groups to provide additional mentoring opportunities, such as our Business Development Group and technical specialty groups.

Professional Challenge & Growth

Our entry-level hires have the opportunity to work directly with clients early in their career. We also provide opportunities to specialize in various industry and technical areas, and encourage building a professional network via our Cohen Connects program. Importantly, our flexible and dynamic organization allows employees to lead when they are ready — without waiting for “seniority.” Staff at all levels are involved in policy and practice decisions, and non-partners have held key roles in their departments and in generating new business for the firm.


We participate in activities and have fun together. It’s one of our core mantras — SQIF (Service, Quality, Innovation and Fun!). We host social events, such as holiday parties, happy hours, golf outings, family picnics, a firmwide Olympics and an April 15 party. Members of our firm participate in organized intramural sports, and we spend time together outside of work getting to know our colleagues' families and friends.